Clever Mermaids (Like Hearts)

How to Play

If you are the oldest player, deal the first hand: give each player 10 cards face down. Players, look at your cards. Dealer, select a card to begin the first election. Lay it face up in the center of the table. Players, play a card after the player to your right plays one. After all players have played a card, handle any conch shells or the whirlpool in the order they were played:

Conch Shell

The conch shell player exchanges a card with another player. The conch shell player chooses the other player and takes a card from that player's hand without looking. Then the conch shell player selects a card from their own hand to give in exchange.


The whirlpool player selects a direction, left or right. Players pass their hands to the next player in that direction. Players do not pass their winnings. If there is a kelp forest in the election, then the whirlpool has no effect. The kelp forest blocks the whirlpool.

Next, determine who wins the election. Use the first rule that applies:

() A kelp forest entangles the election, causing a tie.

() A mermaid wins if there is any other non-number card in the election.

() The sea dragon wins.

() The highest number card wins.

If there is a tie or only conch shells and whirlpools, place the cards face down in the center of the table and begin a new election, with the same player playing first as for this election. The winner of the next election also wins the cards from this one.

After you win an election, collect the cards in the center as your winnings, and you play the first card in the next election. After each hand, count the number of cards you won and add it to your score. If your score is over 100 and higher than anyone else's, you win the game. If no one wins, play another hand. If the player to your right dealt this hand, then you deal the next one.

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