Mermaid's Choice (Like Go Fish)

Shuffle the cards. Deal each player five cards. Place the other cards face down in a stack.

Turns start with the player on the dealer's left. Turns proceed to the left.

On your turn, choose a number card in your hand. Ask any player for that number.

If the player has any cards with that number, the player gives them to you. Then you take another turn.

Otherwise, the player tells you to "go fish." Then you draw a card from the stack. If you get the number you requested, then take another turn.

When you get all four cards with the same number, place them face up on the table.

When any player runs out of number cards, the game ends.

When the last card is drawn from the stack, the game ends.

If you have the most sets of four matching cards, you win.

Just before each time you request a number card, you may play one special card from your hand:

() Sea Dragon: Take a set of four matching cards from any player who has one.

() Whirlpool: Choose a direction: left or right. Each player selects one card from their hand and passes it to the next player in that direction.

() Conch Shell: Take a card from another player's hand, without looking.

() Kelp Forest: Draw a card from the stack.

() Mermaid: Choose to use as a whirlpool, conch shell, or kelp forest.

Discard the special card as you play it.

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